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Timely maintenance and service of your irrigation system is essential to add to its longevity. Our trained service technicians will provide high quality service regardless of how small or large  the job is.

Here is a summary of services offered through different periods of the year.


(April – June) Spring Start Up


(Oct – Dec) Winterization

(June – Sept) Maintenance


                (Year Round)

Backflow Prevention Testing


  • Open shut off valves and slowly fill the main lines.
  • Check main line and each zone for leaks or damage.
  • Turn each individual zone on to check heads for proper operation and coverage. Adjustments are made if needed.
  • Check and
    adjust the automatic rain sensor for proper operation.
  • Make sure controller settings are correct for each zone and appropriate to the season.


  • Fix any problems including broken sprinklers, pipes or valves that need repair.
  • Make adjustments to accommodate for the weather . Including changing the watering times  and frequencies.
  • Renovations if landscaping has changed or if your irrigation system was installed improperly by a different company.



  • Winterizing is necessary in Upstate NY due to the freezing temperatures during winter.
  • Close down all sources that feed water to the irrigation system.
  • Winterizing prevents extensive damage from occurring by blowing all the water out within the lines and sprinklers with a large industrial compressor.
  • The service technician will run a test through each zone making sure all the water is blown out.



  • Backflow prevention devices are required by NY state law to be tested annually by a certified tester.
  • These devices prevent  water contamination to occur from your irrigation system into domestic drinking water.
  • One of our certified testers can test any backflow prevention device whether in a residential or commercial property in about 30 minutes.
  • Necessary forms will be filled out and mailed out to the local water authority.